Mosh (2024)

Experiments in datamoshing on the path to developing a real-time performance tool. Thanks to Ramiro Polla's FFglitch which I used and studied to better understand datamoshing techniques.


Anim (2024)

A program for real-time algorithmic and interactive animation of GIFs and videos. Thanks to GIFMOVIE for the amazing GIFs.


Aya (2023)

A real-time sampler and looper instrument controlled entirely by computer keyboard input. It's an extension of my "buffer" project, which itself was an extension of my Looper project below.


Buffer (2022)

An extension of the Looper project. Ported into pure Csound. Controlled entirely by computer keyboard input.


Looper (2021)

A web-based looping and processing instrument built with Web Csound and p5.js. I perform an homage to Carl Stone.

318 (2020)

All tracks were entirely composed by algorithms. Quick summary: a grammar constructs the melodies and rhythms of each track and a rule system transforms these melodies and rhythms throughout the track.

Rhythmic Pattern Generator (2020)

An instrument for live rhythmic pattern generation inspired by the work of Mark Fell.


Necrotic Blanket (2011)

Written and performed by Battle Napkin, except "Hanky Panky Nohow" written by John Cale. Jason Hallen - guitar and vocals, Lindsay Baukert - bass, Oliver Moltaji - drums